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What are the rules of the Assassin's Game?

1st Sign

Are you a true assassin, able to use guile, stealth and deception over brute force? Do you have the stomach to stick a Dagger between the shoulder blades of a friend, a guild mate, or a lover? Be warned, this game is only for the elite, and if you are not paranoid now, you will be.

  1. Say advertise to me, Roq, if you wish to be told when I am calling a game.
  2. Say no advertise to cease getting these messages.
  3. Say blade to get a blade. Note that the game does not start until I tell you it starts.
  4. Say quit if you decide you have not the nerve for this.
I'd strongly advise you to read all five of the signs in these chambers. You not knowing the rules of the Assassin's Circle is not, ultimately, my problem.

2nd Sign

  1. If you join the proceedings, you will be given a dagger. Eventually, a name will appear on this dagger. Your goal is to attack and kill this person, but only with this dagger.
  2. Someone will also have your name on his dagger. Once you learn who he is (most likely when he attacks you), slay him with your blade (and only with your blade). Do not attack anyone else with your dagger.
  3. A winner is declared when there is only one combatant left in the Assassin's Circle.
  4. The black blades do not do their damage to the body, but rather to your target's soul. In the hilt of the dagger, there are four gems set. For each hit that you take from a would-be assassin, one gem extinguishes itself, showing the damage done. When all four go out, you die, and are expelled from the game. These gems heal back at a rate of one every five minutes.
3rd Sign
  1. I laugh at Shal'ille's protective magics. While wielding a black dagger, you may attack your targets nearly anywhere. Be warned, though, for it also means that you, as well, are vulnerable.
  2. True assassins are also above the law. While wielding the dagger, you will find that you are not troubled by such nuisances as safeties or outlaw/murderer flags. Be warned, though, that should you use any weapon other than the dark blade, even to defend yourself, you have to take normal consequences for your actions. Spells also have the same consequences, whether you wield a blade or not. Keep your safety on if you wish to avoid accidents.
  3. Note that killing your target with means other than a black dagger will not expel him from the game.
4th Sign
  1. The same magic that makes a black dagger so deadly to whoever's name is inscribed upon it also makes it very fragile should it hit anyone else, whether they are in the game or not. There is a chance that your blade could shatter, should you hit someone who is not your proper target, and if this happens, I will expel you from the game. There is one exception: you can (and should) use the black blade to defeat and kill whoever's blade bears your name.
  2. Worry not about death by blade. I have a compact with Qor, and therefore the cost of death is lessened should you die by dark blade.
5th Sign
  1. We cannot have the game polluted by people who join in and then do not log on enough to risk being killed. If you are not logging on enough to satisfy me, I will expel you from the game. This, ultimately, is not my problem.
  2. I have no patience for cowards who depart this realm (i.e. 'log off') as soon as they find themselves under attack. If you leave this realm while your soul is rent (and one of your dagger gems therefore extinguished), I will expel you from the game. Again, this is not my problem.
  3. If three days pass without a kill, I will call off the game in disgust.
The Last Sign

An Assassin's Circle is currently in session. There are 2 combatants remaining.

Reigning champion: Player_Name
Darkest blade: Player_Name (# kills)

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